Articles, Research and Blogs


Articles, Research and Blogs

"The New Corporate Sentencing Guidelines", ethikos, July 2004 (Kaplan)

"Ethics Program Oversight Role by Corporate Directors", NACD Directors Monthly, June 2004 (Kaplan)

"Compliance Update: Sentencing Commission Toughens Definition of an Effective Compliance Program", Walker Compliance Update, May 4, 2004 (Walker)

"The Effect of Recent U.S. Legislation and Rule-Making on Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programmes", International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, March 2004 (Walker)

"Ethics Programs - The Role of the Board: A Global Study", The Conference Board, 2004 (Kaplan, with Ronald Berenbeim)

"What Makes an Investigation Independent?", Directorship, December 2003 (Kaplan, with Edwin Stier)

"Compliance Risk Assessments and the U.S. Sentencing Commission", New York Law Journal, October 27, 2003 (Kaplan)

"Post-Enron Expectations: Directors, Investigations and Independence of Process", ethikos, July 2003 (Kaplan)

"Codes and Waivers: Approaching the Uncertain", Corporate Compliance Commentary, May 8, 2003 (Walker)

"Weighing Sarbanes-Oxley: Changes Appear to be Profound", ethikos, January/February 2003 (Walker)

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