Articles, Research and Blogs


Articles, Research and Blogs

"International Corporate Compliance Programs", International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, April 2006 (Walker)

"Risk-Based Compliance Management", ethikos, March/April 2006 (Kaplan)

"The Boss’s New Job", ethikos, July 2005 (Kaplan)

"Compliance Update: Supreme Court Strikes At Guidelines - The Implications for Corporate Compliance", Firm Memo, January 19, 2005 (Walker)

"Sentencing Guidelines 2.0: The Next Generation in Corporate Compliance Programs", Corporate Governance Advisor, November-December 2004 (Kaplan)

"Risk Analysis Survey", Ethics Officer Association, October 2004 (Kaplan)

"The Potential Impact on Corporate Compliance of the Upcoming Sentencing Guidelines Decision", Practicing Law Institute’s All Star Briefing, Vol. 2, Issue 36, September 30, 2004 (Walker)

"New Code Requirements: Preliminary Answers To Some Emerging Questions", ethikos, September/October 2004 (Walker)

"Fallout from Blakely v. Washington: The Initial Impact on Corporate Compliance", Prevention of Corporate Liability: Current Report, Vol. 12, No. 6, pp. 74-76, July 19, 2004 (Walker)

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