Articles, Research and Blogs


Articles, Research and Blogs

Editor, Conflict of Interest Blog, ongoing (Kaplan)

Regular columnist - Kaplan's Court, Compliance & Ethics Professional Magazine, ongoing (SCCE)

Featured Risk Assessment Columnist, Corporate Compliance Insights, ongoing (Kaplan)

"Behavioral Ethics", CSj – the journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, February 13, 2013 (Kaplan)

"Safeguarding Intellectual Property and Addressing Corruption in the Global Supply Chain", The Conference Board, December 2012 (Walker, co-author)

"Semi-Tough: A Short History of Compliance and Ethics Program Law", in Greenberg, Corporate Culture and Ethical Leadership Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Rand Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance, September 2012 (Kaplan)

"The Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Benchmarking Survey", September 2011 (Kaplan and Walker, with the FCPA Blog)

"Where we are, where we need to be", (five compliance and ethics program benchmarking surveys conducted for the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association), June-September 2011 (Kaplan)

Contributing Member, Ethical Systems research project at NYU's Stern School of Business, ongoing (Kaplan)

"Revisions to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations", The SCCE's Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual, April 2011 (Walker)

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