Articles, Research and Blogs


Articles, Research and Blogs

"Encouraging Whistle Blowing: The Audit Committee’s New Job", Directorship, December 2002 (Kaplan, with Steve Priest)

"Ensuring Ethical Effectiveness: Practical Steps for Boards Of Directors", American Society of Corporate Secretaries Newsletter, Fall 2002 (Kaplan, with Steve Priest)

"The NYSE Report: Analyzing its Impact on Corporate Compliance Programs", ethikos, July/August 2002 (Walker)

"Compliance Oversight: A Guide for Directors", June 2002 (Kaplan)

"Justice Department Revises Corporate Prosecution Standards", ethikos, May 2002 (Kaplan)

"Federal Contractor Regulations: Controversy and Compliance", ethikos, March/April 2001 (Walker)

Three-part series on compliance risk analysis in, ethikos, 2000-2001 (Kaplan)

"What We Can Learn About Effective Compliance Programs from Recent Employment Discrimination Cases", ethikos, July/August 2000 (Walker)

"Compliance With Executive Order 13126", ethikos, September/October 1999 (Walker)

"Ethics and the Regulatory Environment in", A Companion to Business Ethics, Robert E. Frederick, ed. 1999 (Walker and Kaplan)

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