Compliance & Ethics Programs

Compliance and Ethics Training and Communications

Our attorneys have extensive experience with all aspects of training – including helping companies determine the appropriate topics, audiences, frequency and media for training.

We provide Compliance & Ethics training to:

  • Boards
  • Senior managers
  • Law departments
  • Mid–level managers
  • Other employees

We offer training both on individual risk areas (such as conflicts of interest or insider trading) and on responsibilities under the Compliance & Ethics program itself (for example, how managers should respond when employees bring ethical concerns to them.)

We have also conducted training and made numerous presentations on the Compliance & Ethics–related aspects of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act.

In addition to formal training, our attorneys have extensive experience in advising corporations on other types of Compliance & Ethics communications, such as developing Compliance & Ethics Intranet sites, drafting Compliance & Ethics newsletters, and preparing Compliance & Ethics communications to be communicated to employees, agents and customers.