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The attorneys of Kaplan & Walker LLP assist organizations in a wide range of matters relating to compliance and business ethics. We offer clients the professional knowledge and skills of seasoned business lawyers as well as the insight and practical know-how acquired through helping hundreds of companies develop and enhance compliance and ethics programs. We have worked with organizations in a diverse range of industries, including energy, chemicals, insurance, financial services, pharmaceutical, technology, transportation, retail, gaming, automotive, telecommunications, consumer products, engineering, non-profits and more.

Our Practice

Program Assessment

Increasingly, both corporate boards and senior managers commission third–party assessments of their companies’ Compliance & Ethics programs. Such an assessment can provide a view….


Risk Assessment

Both as a matter of law and of common business sense, a Compliance & Ethics program should be based upon a Compliance & Ethics risk assessment.. Among other things….

Monitorships and Related Services

Increasingly, the government imposes monitorships and similar conditions in connection with settling cases against corporations……

Compliance and Ethics Program Structure

Companies often assign responsibility for day–to–day management of the program to Compliance & Ethics officers. Many factors go into making this….

Board Oversight

Boards of directors often play an important role in overseeing their companies’ Compliance & Ethics programs. We have provided guidance to many boards concerning….

Codes and Policies

The foundational document for any Compliance & Ethics program is the corporate code of conduct. We have drafted, edited, and assessed codes for many companies….

Training and Communications

Our attorneys have extensive experience with all aspects of training – including helping companies determine the appropriate topics, audiences….

Reporting and Investigation

An important component of a Compliance & Ethics program is providing employees and others with the means to report possible violations of law or policy….

Our Attorneys

Jeff Kaplan

Mr. Kaplan is a partner in Kaplan & Walker LLP, a law firm in Princeton, New Jersey and Santa Monica, California. He specializes in all aspects of assisting companies…..
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Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker is a partner in the law firm of Kaplan & Walker LLP, a law firm specializing in corporate compliance and ethics located in Santa Monica…..
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Amii Barnard-Bahn

Ms. Barnard-Bahn is a partner in the law firm of Kaplan & Walker LLP, a law firm specializing in corporate compliance and ethics located in Sacramento….
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