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Compliance & Ethics Risk Assessment (e-book), Corporate Compliance Insights ( 2013) (Kaplan)

Conflicts of Interest in Business and the Professions: Law and Compliance, West Publishing (2005) (Walker)

Compliance Programs and the Corporate Sentencing Guidelines: Preventing Criminal and Civil Liability, West Publishing (1993) (Kaplan, with Joseph Murphy and Winthrop Swenson)

Articles, Research and Blogs

"We may not be as ethical as we think we are", National Defense, June 28, 2018 (Kaplan)

"Head to head: a conversation on behavioral science and ethics", Ethical Systems, July 2017 (Kaplan, with Azish Filabi)

Ethics and Compliance Program Charters and the Value of Self Knowledge, ethikos, January/February 2018 (Walker)

The Evolution of the Law of Corporate Compliance in the United States: A Brief Overview, PLI Compliance and Ethics Essentials Course Book, January 2018 (Walker)

Compliance Developments and Concerns for 2018, Compliance and Ethics Professional, January 2018 (Walker)

Beyond the Sentencing Guidelines: Governing Directives, Guidelines and Standards from Around the World, SCCE Complete Compliance and Ethics Manual, 2017 (Walker)

Conversations with Jeff Kaplan & Steve Priest on Behavior, Culture, Ethics and Compliance, Ethics & Compliance Initiative, April 2016 (Kaplan, with Steve Priest)

Structuring for Success: Effective Compliance and Ethics Program Organization, New York State Bar Association:Corporate Counsel Section - Inside, Fall 2015 (Walker and Kaplan)

Interview with Jeffrey Kaplan, Ethical Systems, Match 29, 2016 (Kaplan)

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