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Category: Training and communications

In the posts collected here we will examine how to assess various aspects of C&E training and communications (T&C) including curriculum selection, impact and relevance of T&C to employee roles. Other topics to be covered include assessment of training-related documentation, T&C for third parties, and behavioral ethics-related lessons for T&C design and implementation.

Assessing compliance training

Training is not just another part of every C&E program; it is generally the part that touches the work lives of more of a company’s employees than do other elements. It should therefore be a significant focus of any program

  • Assessment mandates and benefits
  • Methodologies
  • Risk assessment
  • Program structure
  • Standards and procedures
  • Training and communications
  • Auditing, monitoring, and other “checking”
  • Reporting procedures, including helplines
  • Investigations
  • Discipline and other remedial measures
  • Personnel measures
  • Culture
  • Guest Posts
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