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Category: Personnel measures

The posts collected here will address assessment of several different “personnel measures”: a) use of C&E criteria in hiring, including but not limited to background checks; b) use of tangible incentives to promote C&E, including C&E-components of personnel evaluations; and c) use of intangible incentives to promote C&E.

Assessing compliance incentives

There are two types of incentives that typically should be reviewed in a C&E program assessment. The first concerns the extent to which a company’s general incentive structure has the effect (presumably unintentional) of promoting non-compliance. The second concerns incentive

  • Assessment mandates and benefits
  • Methodologies
  • Risk assessment
  • Program structure
  • Standards and procedures
  • Training and communications
  • Auditing, monitoring, and other “checking”
  • Reporting procedures, including helplines
  • Investigations
  • Discipline and other remedial measures
  • Personnel measures
  • Culture
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