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Category: Investigations

In the posts collected here we will review how to assess a corporate investigations function. Included here will be discussions of investigations staffing, training, procedures, documentation and reporting relationships. We will also review publicly available data regarding investigations and how such information can be used in assessments.

Assessing the E&C Investigations Process

Investigations are one of the more difficult and riskier activities of an E&C program. Poorly-conducted investigations can create serious legal risks for an organization. In addition, the mishandling of investigations can damage the way in which employees perceive E&C programs,

  • Assessment mandates and benefits
  • Methodologies
  • Risk assessment
  • Program structure
  • Standards and procedures
  • Training and communications
  • Auditing, monitoring, and other “checking”
  • Reporting procedures, including helplines
  • Investigations
  • Discipline and other remedial measures
  • Personnel measures
  • Culture
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