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In the posts collected here we will explore various issues relating to assessing ethical organizational culture, including a) what are the indicia of healthy– and unhealthy – ethical cultures; b) the interplay of organizational culture with industry and geographic cultures; c) the use of employee engagement surveys to assess culture; d) practical approaches to making culture-related recommendations in an assessment.

Culture assessment – the why and the how

Research conducted over the past twenty years has provided an evidentiary basis for what has – for just as long – been accepted wisdom in the E&C community: that an ethical organizational culture is even more effective than a strong

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  • Methodologies
  • Risk assessment
  • Program structure
  • Standards and procedures
  • Training and communications
  • Auditing, monitoring, and other “checking”
  • Reporting procedures, including helplines
  • Investigations
  • Discipline and other remedial measures
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