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The attorneys of Kaplan & Walker LLP assist corporations and individuals in a wide range of matters relating to the field of compliance and business ethics. We have extensive experience in:
  • developing, implementing and assessing corporate compliance and ethics programs;
  • conducting risk assessments and creating compliance program plans based on risk assessments;
  • developing and revising codes of business conduct;
  • assisting companies in developing compliance training and communications plans; and
  • resolving sensitive matters, through providing strategic advice, conducting internal investigations, mitigating conflicts of interest or representing clients in regulatory or criminal investigations or proceedings.
We offer clients the professional knowledge and skills of seasoned business lawyers as well as the insight and practical know-how acquired though counseling many leading companies in the field of compliance and ethics.

Speaking Engagements

June 1-2, 2016, New York City,
"Chair, Auditing and Assessing Your Program",
PLI Corporate Compliance and Ethics Institute
September 25-28, 2016, Chicago,
"Leadership Workshop"; "Conflicts of Interest: Risks, Harms, Controls"; "C&E for JVs and subsidiaries",
SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute
October 17-28, 2016, New York City,
PLI Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop
November 28-29, 2016, San Francisco,
PLI Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop
April 6, 2016, PLI Webinar,
Compliance and Ethics Program Assessments

Firm Highlights

March 2016: ECI publishes the Jeff Kaplan/Steve Priest Ethics Exchange: Conversations on Behavior, Ethics and Compliance